Friday, December 11, 2009


Alexandra Tyng and I were invited to judge the Parkland Art Association's Annual Juried Show, at the Allentown Art Museum. Judging is difficult but interesting work! Just FYI, the AAM is a beautiful small museum, with some very fine pieces in its collections.

Nancy Bea Miller (l) and Alexandra Tyng (r) in front of the Allentown Art Museum, December 2009
Photo: David Lee

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  1. Just last week, as my students prepared to submit work to a juried exhibition we talked about what a juried exhibition is and how it might be different than a curated exhibition. We talked about rejection for the artist and also acceptance, what they could possibly mean and how an artist comes to view each/both. As a juror Nancy Bea, I know you take the job seriously. It would be interesting to hear what thoughts go through your mind as you view work in this context, and what is the basis for the decisions that you make?