Monday, March 3, 2014

Amber at the Philadelphia Flower Show!

"Amber, Dreaming" oil on canvas 24 x 20 inches

I am thrilled to announce that my painting "Amber, Dreaming" is on display at the Philadelphia Flower Show. The piece is part of a venture to showcase the work of local art school students in this year's flower show. This year's show theme is "ARTiculture" and I was very honored that the PFS committee chose my piece.  16 PAFA students were selected in all and our pieces will be rotated: Amber is in the current grouping dates to view Friday 2/28 through 3/3.

n.b. Because of some family issues which took me out of state, I was not able to get in to see it hanging in person! Many many thanks to Cara Schmidt who stumbled upon it at the show and was intrigued enough to read the label and then realize her friend had painted it...what a lucky happenstance! She snapped a shot and posted it too so I got to see it in're so great Cara   And huge thanks also to my lovely model, Amber, for allowing me to paint her and then show the piece! ♡  Here's the show photo:

"Amber, Dreaming" oil on canvas 24 x 20 inches
The Philadelphia Flower Show 2014
photo courtesy of Cara Schmidt

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