Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Newly armed with my MFA I have actually already gotten a college teaching job at Montgomery County Community College, which will start in the Fall. In the meantime, I am teaching a few summer courses at a wonderful neighborhood art center. The first Life Drawing class started last night and it went great: excellent model, talented hard-working students, good energy all around!

"Bryan and His Shadow" charcoal 2014 NBMiller

But I haven't taught studio art to adults in about three years and I forgot how exhausting it is! It doesn't seem like it should be so tiring, in fact, the teacher of the class across the hall seemed to spend a lot of time sitting out in the hallway playing on his iPad, and I know he is beloved by his students. But I am the "pour constant energy, thought and individualized attention on to the heads of my students" type of teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed it but I am exhausted! It'll be good to build up my teaching "muscles" again. Or maybe I just need to get an iPad and a more laid-back attitude? ;-)

If anyone wants more info on the summer classes I am teaching, two sections of Life Drawing and a Self-Portrait workshop, here is that link: 

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